Monday, November 19, 2007

Three Girls & a Daddy

Now that our littlest one is three months old, my wife has gone back to work.

She works on Saturdays so this past Saturday was my first day ALONE with our girls...ten, three, and three months, for those playing along at home.

Now I admit, once her car pulled off, I had a brief Macaulay Culkin in "Home Alone" moment..."AAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!"

However, this quickly passed and changed over to a Southwest Airlines commercial...

"Don't...leave me...with...the baby!"

Once I settled down, I remembered that I had been through this was just that before there were TWO girls and now there were THREE.

I began to wonder...could I really fix a pony tail, blow a nose, and change a poopy diaper all at the same time? Could I really fix an iPod AND get the Dora website unstuck WHILE holding a baby and a bottle full of breast milk?

Which reminds me...I have never been so careful not to spill something. I don't know just doesn't seem right.

"Oh noooooo, there it goes....down the sink! NOOOOOO!"

And so the morning went.







I was becoming brainwashed. We went to a party that night. Someone introduced themselves to me. I replied,

"Yes, Hi, I'm Dad Daddywaaah. This is my wife Mom Mommygooo."

The morning was sort of a blur...but we survived. The next thing I knew, it was 2pm and the ten-year-old had gone off with her 'other' dad, the three-year-old was taking her nap, and the three-month-old was asleep in the swing.

Ahhhh. I could finally take a minute and relax on the couch.

I had just sat down when the dog came over to me and gave me that know, the one where he's saying...

"Did you notice that I need to go out?"

Just then I heard the garage door open. Not a moment too soon, I thought.

"Tell it to the judge," I told him. "I'm off duty."


Anonymous said...

LOL sounds like you were a bit out numbered. Daddywaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
Glad you came out alive.
I miss the little baby thing, my girl is getting so big. : (

Rachel said...

How adorable!!

The Sports Mama said...

While I don't miss the baby crying.... I have to say the near constant chorus of "Mom...Mom... Mom..." that comes out of my boys is enough to drive a reasonably sane woman batty! :)

Karen said...

So, what did you do all day?

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

My husband can barely survive one girl by himself, so I think you deserve a pat on the back.

Chris said...

Thanks for the positive feedback. It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it. :-)

Amy said...

Did you figure out how to fix a pony tail, blow a nose, and change a poopy diaper all at the same time?
I ask because my husband is a stay at home dad with 2 girls. When I get home the diapers are changed, faces are spotless and hair is perfect.
When he leaves them with me their faces are a mess, hair is crazy and we are more than likely still in our pajamas.
I'm not sure how he does it.

Chris said...

Yes, I made out all right. The house was even pretty clean when she got home. Whew.

The Sports Mama said...

BTW.... I gave you a blogging award.... head over to my site to see what it is! :)