Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Don't Crash, Daddy - Part II

Why is there a part II?

Because I had a conversation with my three-year-old this morning. As I was leaving for work, she once again said,

"Bye, Daddy! Don't crash!"

I said, "Sweetie, if you're worried about that, just try saying 'Drive carefully.'"

We practiced a few times. She had it down pat.

So I went to leave for work once again.

My daughter turned to me with a proud grin and said,

"Bye Daddy! Drive carefully!.....and don't crash!"

Back to the drawing board.

1 comment:

The Sports Mama said...

That beats something my oldest son used to say: Hey mom... think you'll make it home in time to cook dinner?

*sigh* I really do love my kids. Honest! :)

Great blog! :)