Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"Daddy, What's a 'Ho'?"

It was only a matter of time before my 10-year-old daughter came home from school one day and hit us with a bomb.

Yesterday, as we were sitting down to eat, she looked right at my wife and me and asked,

"What's a 'ho-house'?"

My first reaction was to just HOPE that our 3-year-old daughter wasn't paying attention. Words stick to that kid's brain like glue.

I could just see her playing with the grandparents one day...

"Look, Pop Pop...it's a HO-HOUSE!"

Anyway, my wife and I looked at each other and did our best to stifle a chuckle. My wife looked at me and whispered under her breath,

"I think I see a blog coming on."

Does she know me or what?

So, my daughter explained that one of her friends used this term at school and claimed that she didn't know what it meant...although, she DID substitute the 'proper' terminology later on in the discussion with no explanation as to how she knew the term.

My wife and I did our best to provide a straight-forward, yet slightly ambigous explanation.

I was relieved when about two minutes into it, my 10-year-old said,

"OK, OK...that's enough."

Thank goodness!


Post-script - My 3-year-old daughter came home from preschool today with her Thanksgiving crafts in hand. At school, she had to write down three things she was thankful for...and, from the home office, here are the results...

- My Mommy

- My Daddy

- My Bed

Smart kid.


moooooog35 said...

My son - who is four - one night asked where baby penguins come from.

As my wife watched on in horror, I said:

"Well..the mommy penguin has a baby hole."

I have no idea how or why that came out. Classic example of mouth working faster than head.

The Sports Mama said...

I remember one year my youngest son came home with the "Thankful" list. Right at the top was:

"I'm thankful my mom cooks dinner sometimes and doesn't just make me eat cereal all the time."

Makes me sound like such a wonderful mother, doesn't it? :)

Karen said...

Oh, the fun age of preteen years. They come home with all sorts of things that you really wish they didn't have to know. Sadly our younger set are more advanced in worldly ways than the older set were.