Friday, November 16, 2007

Template Crash

I had a nice little Blogger template crash today. It was really my own fault but, hey, now I get to try one of these new-fangled Blogger templates.

It looks just like the old one except that I lost every single thing I had in the other template.

Do me a favor, if I had a link to your site here, and it's gone now, remind me and I will put it back.

Well, off to restore everything I can. Good times.


The Sports Mama said...

Hmm.... don't know if you had a link to my site or not... but you should. :)

Amy said...

You probably did not have a link to my site, but I have a post reconizing yours. Here is the link

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

And that is why I am taking my sweet time switching over to WordPress. I have just a few tweaks left on my new template, but I'm scared something will go wrong and I will be back at square one. So what if the new site would be much prettier.

Fear is a great tool for procrastination. Thanks for reminding me to continue with it!