Tuesday, October 23, 2007

That WASN'T a Jellyfish!

OK, so we were watching this show on T.V. the other night, and this couple decided to have their baby in the ocean.

No, not AT the ocean...IN the ocean. Now there was a bunch of stuff leading up to this, of course.

They wanted to be one with the earth and all this romantic stuff....blah blah blah.

Then, they actually HAD their baby IN the ocean.

But wait...there's more! (said in my best, 70's, cheesy, game-show announcer voice)

THEN, as a tribute to the baby...they THREW the placenta INTO the ocean.

Let me say that again...

They threw the placenta...INTO the ocean!

Just think about that next time you think you see a 'jellyfish'.


Anonymous said...

LOL red tide anyone?
well, I shouldn't talk, but I often do, we have our most recent child's placenta in the freezer. It was her fathers doing. I mean I was not against it. The master plan was to plant a nice flowering tree, or bamboo, or something, and bury it there and always tell her it was her tree. yadda yadda yadda
2 years later. Its still in my freezer.
Perhaps I could auction it on ebay?
God I hope I am not giving up too much information here, you just linked to me, and well, I would like to stay respectable. At least somewhat.
It wasn't a horrible idea, the tree (better than me eating it) but if you read my post "A Knock At The Door" you will see that in the end, perhaps its best it has stayed in the freezer these past 2 years.
much respect~d


Anonymous said...

When are we to hear from you again?

patiently waiting~