Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Clean up the Language in Aisle Five

I was at the pharmacy tonight picking up a few things on the way home...boy, do I live life in the fast lane or what?...so anyway, I was picking up a few things when I overheard a couple in the next aisle.

The girl was swearing at the guy and the guy was swearing at the girl...real fun stuff like f-bombs and f-this, f-that, and f-you.

Now I didn't have my kids with me but I easily could have. I decided I was going to speak up and put a stop to this.

Just then I heard the girl say,

"You have been such a JERK ever since you got out of prison!"

On second thought, hey, this is the land of the free, right? :-)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

OMG that is hilarious!!
I guess it is best you didn't speak up. I have been reading over some of your other posts as well. I really like your site. I am going to add you to my favorites~ hoping you do not mind.
My husband is also an ex-rocker. He plays drums and sings. Well, he did. I am sure he will again. Just not the 7 night a week gigging he used to do. We have 2 children and I have a blog as well.
look me up sometime!
much respect~d