Monday, July 30, 2007

T Minus 30 Days and Counting

We have officially hit the home stretch (no pun intended). With an official due date of 8/30, we are now, at most, 30 days away from having another kid in the house.

The contractions have been coming pretty regularly for about a week now so I'll be surprised if we make it to 8/30. I'm glad we decided to have a third child so I could witness this amazing transformation one more time.

This baby is active, too. My wife's stomach now looks like a package of "Jiffy Pop" that's been sitting on the stove too long. POW! BANG! POP! BOOM! ROOOOOOLL! KABOOM!

Remember that old Pepto Bismol commercial where the guy is sitting miserably on the couch and there's a war going on inside his stomach? That's what it looks like.

It's also pretty cute watching my 3-year-old talk to my wife's belly.

"Helloooooo, little's me...your BIG sister!"

Our two daughters were each born in December so this is really the first time that my wife has been 9 months pregnant in the summertime. This is not fun...especially here in our little sauna of a town where the humidity is often worse than the heat.

I've decided that the only way I could possibly empathize is to strap a watermelon to my stomach for a month or so. After thinking through the logistics of this plan, however, I decided not to try it (darn!).

My wife has a checkup today so I'm anxiously awaiting to hear whether we're still going to go all the way to 40 weeks or not. We'll see.

She asked me the other day, "Do I look bigger than last time?"

This sent a cold shiver up my spine. There's really no right answer to this question.

"No" would indicate that it's time to start worrying if something is wrong with the baby.

"Yes"...well..."Yes" just doesn't feel like the right answer either. "Boy, I NEVER thought you could top last time! Was I wrong or what??"

I gave the only answer I could think of...

"You know, honey, I really don't remember."

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