Friday, December 21, 2007

Fake Plastic Trees

Nope, this isn't about Radiohead, sorry. It's about trees. Well, actually it's about plastic. I broke down this year and opted for the fake tree.

Why? With two kids it wasn't so hard to get out and look for a tree. Now that we have THREE kids, and busy schedules it was getting to be downright impossible.

So, when my 4-year-old said, "Daddy, can we go pick a tree?"

I said, "Sure," and off to WalMart we went.

"Daddy, this isn't where we get trees. We get trees OUTSIDE."

"Yes, I know...but this will be a SPECIAL tree. This will be one that we can use over and over and over!"

Gee, can you tell that I am in sales?

We got the tree and took it home. It's not so bad, really. It looks a little bit fake but it came with lights pre-attached! Man, you can't beat that with a stick!

I might just have to buy some of that pine spray, just to make it a little more realistic.

This is really a first for me. We ALWAYS had a real tree growing up, but now I can see why sometimes we didn't have our tree up until Christmas Eve when I was little. Life is HECTIC. This will be one less thing to have to 'run out and do' every year.

Which reminds me, we were out shopping at the mall this weekend and the toy store had this semi-intelligent toy pony named "Butterscotch" that reacts to your words, lights, sounds, etc. It even comes with a pretend carrot to feed to it.

This thing is really kind of creepy...and it costs $250! Really, for $250 it should be able to change a diaper and vacuum the house too.

Luckily, my 4-year-old was not into this. I think I would have to sleep with garlic around my neck or something...the thing is just creepy.

Anyway, only three shopping days left! This year I'm almost done except for one person (no, not my wife...I'm not STUPID!).

I will be strapping on my racing shoes on Christmas Eve as usual, I'm sure. There's just something insanely fun about being out with the masses. I'm better under pressure anyway.

'Tis the season! Maybe one day soon we will actually DECORATE the tree!


Amy said...

We had our fake tree for 2 years, when we pulled it out of the box on the third year it became obvious that a cat had urinated on it all year long.
Cat pee is stronger than pine spray.

Enjoy your tree and Christmas Eve shopping!

Rachel said...

My daughter saw that butterscotch pony at Target and fell in love. It gave me the willies.
We love our fake tree :-) So much easier for my OCD vacuuming self :-) LOL.
Judith Shakespeare (designed my blog) is doing new blog designs and she has a dad one on there that made me think of yours :-) LOL.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

My Toddler and I are both scared to death of Butterscotch. That's a freakin' scary toy.

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, I love real trees, but due to asthma in our home, I have no choice but the fake tree now. Yes, it's easy. Yes, I like being able to put it up whenever I want. But I miss having sticky fingers from the sap! I miss the piney smell!!

Great post!

Flea said...

We grew up with fake trees (Yankee Candle makes a great scent that smells perfect - Christmas Wreath), so now we prefer the real thing. And if you wait three days before Christmas, real trees are practically free. Just sayin'.